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Eisenhauer School of Twirling & the Texas Stingerettes Have Made History

Nancy Picked up her first baton at age 7 and took an interest in twirling and wanted to learn how to really twirl. Nancy’s sister’s best friend, Patsy O’Cayce was a previous Flour Bluff School twirler, and she started teaching Nancy the basics of baton twirling. This inspired her to try out for Flour Bluff Junior High twirler in 1963. Her parents would not buy her a real baton unless she made junior high twirler, which she did.

Nancy first made junior high twirler in 1963 and 1964. Then, she went on to twirl throughout her time in Flour Bluff High School from 1965 to 1969. During her sophomore year of high school, she started taking twirling lessons and going to summer camps to learn the art of baton twirling. It was her instructor who promoted her to be a licensed instructor and judge. That sent Nancy to Oklahoma where she was asked to take over a twirling studio in Oklahoma City.

Later, Nancy decided to move back home to Flour Bluff because the band director at that time wanted Nancy to start a twirling line, which included 8 twirlers. By word of mouth, more and more girls sought out Nancy to teach them how to twirl. During this time, Nancy had two children. After the birth of her second son, she decided that she did not want to work full time anymore. Nancy wanted to stay home with her sons and only work evenings teaching baton twirling. So in 1979, Nancy opened up her own studio on Laguna Shores Drive. She was at this location 10 years before moving her studio to NAS Drive. After a few years there, in 1993, Nancy built her current studio on Castle Park Drive in Flour Bluff


Nancy’s accomplishments as a studio owner and director are numerous. She formed the Flour Bluff Stingerettes in 1980. The Stingerettes are a group of competitive baton twirlers that compete all over the United States. The group kept growing and were once called the Stingerettes of Corpus Christi. Because of their accomplishments in Texas and their growth, they are currently known as the TEXAS STINGERETTES. Nancy is an NBTA certified coach and judge and has been involved in these organizations: NBTA (National Baton Twirling Association), USTA (United States Twirling Association), ATF (Amateur Athletic Union). Not only was she inducted into the Baton Twirling Hall of Fame.

Thats not all. Nancy received the first given TexAN award in 1991, which is awarded to Texas coaches whose students always display good sportsmanship. Part of the reason she received the award was for being so involved in the world of competitive baton twirling. This award is still given every year to a Texas coach for various accomplishments. Nancy has traveled all over the world as a judge and coach to such places as France, England, and Peru.

Nancy says her biggest accomplishment though is having 5 former students, Kim Adrian Berger, Keely Wild Davis, Katherine Pambrun O’Leary, Alyson Weber Morgan, and Crystal Evans continue to teach baton twirling all over the United States. Unfortunately, Nancy developed Multiple Sclerosis (MS). This disease is crippling; therefore, she could not keep teaching the sport she so loves. She then decided to pass the baton to Kim Berger and Keely Davis, former Stingerettes, to take over the studio.


Kim started twirling for Nancy in 1985 when she was 9 years old. She has traveled and twirled all over Texas and many places including Washington D.C., Disney World, and the University of Notre Dame where she was the 1995 X-Strut National Champion. Kim holds several state titles and wins with baton twirling. She then began to help Nancy at the studio and teach with her. When Kim received her teaching degree, she started teaching at Flour Bluff Schools, curently teaching 2nd grade and would teach for Nancy in evenings. Kim also received the TexAN award in 2013 for the work done to keep the Eisenhauer studio open and running.

Keely  started twirling in 1990 and has also twirled and traveled all over the United States. She is a former twirling Ambassador of Peru and a Baylor University Feature Twirler, and she holds many state and national titles. Keely started teaching for Nancy, then finished her degree at Baylor. Now, Keely is a registered dietitian at Corpus Christi Rehab Hospital.

Kim and Keely now direct and coach the Eisenhauer Twirlettes (beginner recreational twirlers) and  the Texas Stingerettes competitive teams. Both are NBTA certified coaches and judges. Kim and Keely wanted the studio to remain open to make sure more students get a chance at this beautiful sport of baton twirling.

– Article Written by Texas Shoreline News

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